Welcome to the home page of Koodu Internet Services, a division of Valai Networks, an internationally known, debt-free, profit making webhosting company. We are in the hosting and support business since 2001!. We are famous for our extremely reliable servers, (99.9% of actual uptime for the past 10 years) and top quality service and support - at extremely reasonable prices.

We offer personalized site management and fanatical support. We offer total turn-key hosting : domain registration, dns hosting, website hosting and email servers. We also offer telephone support in both Tamil and English during Indian Business hours. We fully own our racks in the Quadranet data center in Los Angeles, California. Our technical team of 5 people [3 in India, 2 in Orange County,California] is fully employed by us. We do not out-source our support or server administration. We host only business sites and do not host insecure blogs/content management systems or mp3 downloads or adult content and the like. So you can rest assured that your site is sharing the server with other responsible users.

We host and manage more than 21 servers and 4000+ websites across varied timezones. Checkout our hosting plans and contact us today for an unforgettable hosting experience.